wildlife Photography
A Passion for Birds

A Passion for bird photography capturing images of the different bird varieties in Spain particularly birds of prey.

I have a passion for bird and wildlife photography.

This site is about my journey of self improvement with my nature photography hobby focusing on wildlife and bird photography.

Along the way I will share with you tips and skills I have acquired during my many years in photography, working in technology and new skills I have aquired for website development and SEO optimisation – which was particularly challenging for me to get my head around.

I will share with you via various blog posts how I have achieved the results.

Providing settings and details of camera equipment used and why I currently use the camera equipment that I do.

Nature photography
'We can learn much from nature'

 ‘We are responsible for the environment we create.
The animals have no choice but to suffer what we pollute’

wildlife photography

There are many nature photographers who have inspired me, it’s difficult to single any particular one out above the others. What was the most important advice I consider I have received? – lighting and the time of day that impacts the look of the photo has to be the top piece of advice